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Empower Your Brand: How Circularity Reinforces Brand Identity


On a mission to drive circularity

When we think about what drives us at Kvatt, we come back to three statistics that highlight the size of the challenge we are tackling and the current environmental impact of packaging:

  1. 266 billion parcels will be shipped globally by 2026

  2. 36% of all plastic produced is used for packaging

  3. 85% of plastic packaging ends up in landfills

To give you a better idea of what that means, roughly 8,000 parcels will be shipped every second in 2026, and most of that plastic packaging will become waste after a single use.

We believe that things don’t have to be that way.

At Kvatt, we offer reusable packaging that our customers can use many times before it is recycled.

We’re on a mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and reduce the amount of waste we generate. We’re doing that one package at a time.

Working with Kvatt

Implementing circularity within your business can be a straightforward journey. Here’s the four-step process that we follow with the companies we partner with:

  1. Choosing circularity: When customers opt for Kvatt at checkout, our partner brands will pack the products in reusable packaging.

  2. Delivery: Customers will unbox their purchases from a reusable pack. Once they are happy with what they have received, the reusable pack can be returned.

  3. Returns: Customers return the empty packaging using a provided pre-paid return label. Dropping it in any of the +120K post boxes in the country.

  4. Cleaning: Once returned through our circular network, Kvatt’s reusable packs are thoroughly cleaned and prepared to be used over and over again.

Should customers wish to exchange their products, Kvatt also supports the return process. The items can be sent back in the Kvatt bag, and new ones will be received in the same bag.

Our packaging also comes with a QR code sharing clear instructions on how to return them, information on the pack’s journey and its impact on the environment.

Benefit from circular solutions

Our packaging has been designed with durable and reusable materials. With longevity in mind, we shift away from a single-use approach and reduce unnecessary packaging waste going to landfills.

For companies, offering circular packaging is an opportunity to improve the customer experience, attract environmentally-minded customers and reduce their costs.

Reusable and returnable packaging for e-commerce has the potential to reduce packaging emissions by 80%. Kvatt’s products are developed to reach the highest standards of circularity.

From e-commerce retailers to art galleries and beyond, Kvatt partners with brands committed to reducing their environmental impact without compromising on packaging quality.

Go Circular with Kvatt and join a community of circular economy leaders. Discover how you can make your business circular and transform your packaging into a sustainability asset.

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