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We are building the tech to help you power circularity and create unique delivery experiences that your customers will love. It works for you, for them and the planet.

IKEA Foundation Switzerland

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Introducing a better way to ship fragile goods. Ray is a secure shipping pouch that protects your products from the elements, the shipping journey and from prying eyes.
It's unique design allows several uses while always ensuring a unique customer experience.

Ideal for: Electronics, jewellery, etc...

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IKEA Foundation Switzerland

Maxime Pittet
Supply Chain Supervisor

Re!Commerce Group


Kvatt provided us with packaging which fits our needs, in particular in terms of security and protection, whilst reducing our environmental impact. They succeeded in replacing our single-use packaging without increasing our costs.

Benefits for your business.

We're revolutionising the protective packaging industry with reusable solutions and modern software that eliminates waste, benefits businesses and actually works! 

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Make packaging management a breeze.

Packaging shouldn’t be an additional hassle for your business, so we focus on reducing friction at every step. Our software provides seamless ordering, tracking and repair solutions for your reusable packaging.

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Highlight your brand, show you care and build loyalty.

Our packaging can be customised to highlight your brand and your commitement to reusable packaging. That means more brand recognition, great PR with your customers, and clear brand responsibility being displayed - all traits that drive customer loyalty.

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Know your goods will arrive in the condition you sent them.

Our protective packaging products are market leading and provide high quality protection at every stage of the shipping journey. That means you can feel confident your goods will arrive in the same condition you send them in.

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Protect your wallet and the planet at the same time.

Protecting the planet is important, but if it is not operationally and financially viable it simply won’t work. That’s why we’ve focused on building solutions that work for real businesses by reducing effort and ensuring costs stay low, so you can help the planet and be a market leader.

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